Why you need this 4-Deck Clarity Card Collection

Jun 30, 2021

Ah, the sweet sensation of true clarity.
That’s what Joyful Healing Clarity Cards are all about.
The number of people seeking professional support from healers of all kinds has skyrocketed alongside a rising tide of emotional, physical, and mental health issues.
A central design feature of the Clarity Card Collection is that they’re easy and comfortable to use. The kinesthetic action of flipping the playing cards draws people in and they more easily respond to the word on the card than they could initiate voicing it. While a client may start off thinking of feelings as heavy or scary, these cards significantly lighten their load by helping to make their exploration more like open-hearted play, and less of an arduous task. 
People become more open when they are able to relax and their anxiety eases. In sessions, my clients’ stories and memories will pour out after resonating with one of the cards. I have used these cards with couples and they are amazed to learn what their spouse has been feeling yet unable to articulate until seeing it on a card. They are more open to feeling, more open to sharing, and ultimately, more open to healing.
With the Joyful Healing Clarity Cards, we’re empowering you and wellness practitioners with potent, practical tools that guide you to make vital connections quickly and easily. This 4-deck Clarity Card collection helps you help others to help themselves.
As a wellness practitioner, you can use these cards for yourself (keep your vessel clear), use them with your clients, and send your clients home with their own deck (see wholesale option).   
I have found my clients want their own decks for use at home on their own. They have even come back and shared with me the new ways they come up with to use them. The response has been phenomenal.