Healing Sessions
with Joy

Joy’s Approach to Healing

You may feel stuck, overwhelmed, or hopeless—all of which can feel painful and uncomfortable. This does not mean that you are “broken.”  You are in a state of transition and growth. 

Joy communicates this knowledge to clients in person, via telephone sessions, or virtual conferencing. She creates space for powerful insights to emerge from pain. Clients experience true relief from struggles and unearth capacities for deep self-acceptance and happiness.



Inspiring Sunrise

Joy’s gifts as a healer reside in her ability to read the energetic language of the body, move information from the subconscious to consciousness, and teach and empower clients to access their own truth for healing and healthy living. Joy has an uncanny ability to pinpoint fundamental challenges and help a client move out of self-limiting behaviors and habits.

 Your journey with Joy helps you to:

Heal Your Past


Transform your greatest wounds into your greatest gifts

Become Fully Present


Gain clarity and purpose. Express yourself with ease and confidence

Move Forward Boldly


Access more energy and vitality to thrive in all your relationships

I help highly sensitive, high achieving individuals feel calm and vibrant. I help you release your self-limiting beliefs. I help you diminish anxiety, shame, and guilt so that you can fully embody your brilliance, access your wisdom, and live your life purpose joyfully. 

To get started on your exquisite journey of joyful living, schedule a session below:

Good Fit Assessment

Interested in working with Joy? Discover if you are a good fit in this complimentary 20-minute get to know each other session.

We can determine the best follow-up to meet your healing goals. 

*Joy can not offer these sessions again until August. Please check back to get on her schedule. Or email Joy at [email protected]


Corporate Coaching Session

Joy coaches business clients with effective communication, interpersonal skills, and conflict resolution strategies. Develop skills to reduce stress and anxiety. Release self-limiting beliefs to increase creative solutions and productivity.

Session: $350


First Session and Assessment

Your first session includes balancing the energy field and addressing issues on the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. After your first session, we can determine the best follow-up work to meet your healing goals and financial needs.

First-time session length varies between 90 to 120 minutes, depending on client needs: $250
(follow-up sessions $200)


Energy Healing

In-depth Energy Healing Session - after your initial assessment session, includes balancing the energy field as well as addressing issues on the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. These sessions (90 minutes) can take place in my office, over the phone, or through virtual conferencing.

(*price can vary according to need)


Couple’s Session

Couple's sessions combine discerning each partner's needs, building compassionate communication skills, and offering energy healing for each of you to get back on center. You can overcome the hurt, distrust, or disconnection your in your relationship and reclaim conscious love, radiance, and connection.

Couple’s Session: $325


Between Sessions Q & A

This brief phone session is for clients to ask follow-up questions between sessions.

up to 20-minutes $50




Josh Upshaw

Doctoral Student in Experimental Psychology

   "Joy provided me the opportunity to...grow in ways that have allowed me to be able to fully love myself as I am now and as I used to be….to become aware of ways in which to hold space for myself and for others, allowing me to have more control over my experiences in life and to no longer be a victim of my circumstances...to overcome challenges that I faced again and again in romantic relationships...to heal parts of myself that had been locked away for many years. I am incredibly grateful,,,."

Louanne Lawson


"What a healer like Joy brings ... is a sense of confidence and competence — that the universe is unfolding as it should — that no one is alone because no one is separate — that no one is overwhelmed because no one is intruding — that all of us, singly and collectively, are beloved."

Dr. Travis Wyly


“Joy brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in healing that is perfectly balanced. She has a gift of insight that gets to the heart of the most complex mental/emotional/spiritual issues. Most of all, ... she brings heart and soul. ...I have felt totally enveloped in love and acceptance. ... If you’re thinking about working with Joy, do it!”

Tonal Sound Healing

Toning is a healing process which uses vocal sound to restore and balance the human energy body. It opens doorways into the psyche, communicating information that a person may not be consciously aware of. Toning releases painful emotions trapped in the body. It is used as a means to clear and charge the energetic field.

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“I thought the sound was one of the most curious and intriguing sounds I’ve ever heard, especially from a human throat. … It was as if the sound was my consciousness/being and the rhythm as Joy went from lower volume to higher volume was the “breath” of my consciousness. It was as if the sound reverberated throughout my entire body and down through each molecule.”

Daniel Chapman

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