Why a Kickstarter?

May 21, 2021


I have watched my clients take sighs of relief, and have light bulb transformative moments from using the prototypes of my Joyful Healing Clarity Cards Collection. This 4-deck card collection prompts meaningful conversations with my clients. The goal of this project is to offer that transformative experience to other coaches, therapists, counselors, teachers, and trainers to have with their clients and students.

My vision is to print, market, sell, donate to non-profits, and distribute my Joyful Healing 4-deck Collection. Another aspect of doing the work of a Kickstarter is to support me in the follow-through of marketing the cards. It is one thing to design them - an activity that I enjoy and is in my creative wheelhouse - and a whole other thing to market and distribute - something new for me. 

I want to contribute to the individual and global possibility of clarity, compassion, and purpose. Making these decks available on a grander scale has two benefits. More people can benefit, and printing on a larger scale makes the collection more affordable.

I am using Kickstarter to bring this project to fruition because of the 4-deck collection's positive transformational impact and to provide coaches, therapists, etc with tools to help them assist their clients through challenges and growth.

The prototypes were reiterated several times, tested with clients, and improved. I can finally say the decks are now ready for distribution.


My Kickstarter project launches on Tuesday July 6, 2021.