Toning as a healing modality

Mar 05, 2021

(Originally posted 23 July 2013.)

I am often asked about the Tonal sounds I use in my healing work. I have collected my thoughts to offer this articulation of the subject.

Toning is a healing process which uses vocal sound to restore and balance the human energy body. It opens doorways into the psyche, communicating information that a person may not be consciously aware of. Toning releases painful emotions trapped in the body. It is used as a means to clear and charge the energetic field.

No one taught me toning: it is a gift that opened through me, slowly, organically and continually, as I opened to my healing skills. I continue this process each time I work by turning myself over to Spirit. I use toning as a means of centering myself and verifying an energetic clarity and readiness for working. I use toning to percolate information from the unconscious into consciousness.

 Toning stimulates vibrations. These vibrations allow us to access archetypes for healing. They help us to map out the territory of what is moving into consciousness, giving birth to new ways of being. Clients report newfound compassion, direction and stability. They move from feeling lost and confused to experiencing clarity and hope.

The particular sounds that move though me differ by client. These subtle references give me cues to the emotional state and needs of each person with whom I work. The tonal sounds range from deep and guttural when I am working with the structural/cellular level, to higher sounds when accessing the angelic realm. The sounds also differ from staccato variances to long steady notes to more complicated overtones. Sometimes there are intonations that give the quality of other languages.

Before I start working it feels as if I am a musical instrument being tuned for the purest sounds, just like an orchestra tunes its instruments before playing. Allowing those vibrations to come through my energy field clarifies my intuition and pinpoints a direction in which to work.

Esoteric systems through time have recognized the power of vibration and sound. The Sanskrit language of ancient India is based on vibration. We see this in yoga with its seed sounds for chakras. The Chinese practice of Qui Gong uses sound for healing. The gospel of John speaks of Jesus as the Word, sound before form.

Modern physics has proved that sound restructures matter. In my healing work, I have discovered that toning activates deep healing in my clients – with profound effects.

Joy Caffrey, July 2013. All right reserved