The Feelings Deck

Jul 28, 2021

The Feelings deck encourages acceptance of a range of emotional responses beyond ‘mad, sad and glad’, while organically extending the user’s emotional vocabulary and effectively addressing emotional projection or denial. A perfect tool to practice empathy for others in couples or group therapy, this deck also actively engages the client in the practice of self-compassion. It can be compelling to have feelings long denied sit outside you on the table. Sensing even a small separation from a challenging emotion can offer a profound grasp of what it means to say, “I am not my feelings”. From this place of greater neutrality, it becomes easier to introduce conversation around topics previously hidden or forbidden.

Feelings Deck -- To increase self-awareness and better communicate with others, we need to become aware of our feelings and be able to name them. These cards help you to
  • Accept your feelings and emotions as a natural part of your inner landscape
  • Communicate your feelings better as you build an emotional vocabulary
  • Help others communicate their feelings as you become more empathetic and receptive to their expressions
How to Use the Feelings Deck
Use the Feelings deck to recognize and acknowledge the array of feelings you are experiencing. Flip over one card at a time. If the word printed on the card is something that resonates with you, keep the card upright. If you do not relate to that emotion, discard it face down.  After you have gone through the deck, spread the upright cards in any way that comes naturally to you. Take time to pause and reflect on what you see. Then arrange the cards in groups that are related. Some cards may be specific to your feelings related to your partner, parents, job, or some issue that is currently challenging you. Be present to what you notice.