Feb 05, 2021

I was just sweeping my floors. I wasn’t sweeping them to clean my house, though that’s a nice side benefit. I was sweeping as a prayer...as medicine...to ground myself...to soothe my anxiety.

On New Year’s day, a friend had created a sacred time to tap into our intentions for the year through movement. She hosted it over Zoom. She invited us to dance our way into awareness. I understood her intention, though my body didn’t want to comply. Instead, I did a little yoga as her music played for us all. When I felt my resistance to dance and my yoga as an automatic alternative, I paused and dropped into asking myself more deeply, “how do I want to move right now?” My body’s wisdom answer was “sweep”. So I did. As I did, I heard my inner wisdom encourage me to make the act of sweeping a form of prayer for this year. I shifted in that moment. Subtle yet perceivable. I changed my grip as I held the broom, my body relaxed into the movement. 

Sometimes my floors really do need a good sweeping. I pick up the broom and grace washes over me. I trust the Divine guiding me through the mundane. The more I sweep the more I feel centered. I feel reassured that I can let go of feeling overwhelmed or behind. I find hope as the room looks a bit brighter.