The Soul-Care Strategies Deck

Jul 21, 2021

The Soul Care Strategies deck rounds out the series by offering the user the opportunity to find inspiration and gain guidance in addressing a body sensation, coping with feeling, or responding constructively to a newly recognized need. This tool supports individuals to align with and respond from their inner truth, rather than how they think they should behave. So often it is the seemingly mundane that truly supports our deeper needs. Sourced from 30 years of individual client responses to the question, “How might you nurture your soul right now?”, these deceptively simple yet highly effective strategies cut to the heart of what is wanted when we seek a ‘balm for the soul’.

Soul Care Strategies Deck. This deck offers simple and doable strategies that promote empowerment, inner peace, growth, vitality, and resilience when aligned with your needs. Use these cards to:
  • Connect your feelings and needs with actions that foster self-care
  • Learn meaningful ways to use your time wisely
  • Be in harmony with the flow by knowing a constructive next step
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, and depression by prompting yourself to take action to bring relief and healing
How to Use the Soul Care Strategies Deck.
Go through the deck, looking at each card, and choose one or more actions that resonate most with you. Trust yourself. Give yourself a time frame, such as within a day, or by the weekend. Follow through with your chosen action. Afterward, pause and reflect on the value of what you did. Allow yourself to fully receive the benefits.