Self-care options after energy work

Nov 04, 2020
Inner journey work for transformation and energy healing exercises can bring new sensations to our bodies. I encourage you to feel and witness those sensations without judgement. Sensations that rise to the surface are doorways into a deeper understanding of ourselves. Our bodies have a tendency to offer us more information when we listen attentively and with gentle care.
Here are some suggestions for self-care options after energy work:
- Listen to your inner wisdom
- Treat your process with reverence and care
- Notice your feelings, let them point you to your needs
- Journal
- Rest
- Take an Epson salt bath with essential oils
- Hydrate
- Fast or eat according to your body’s needs
- Move your body: go for a walk, run, bike ride, dance
- Get out in nature
- Let loved ones know if you need to be alone
- Ask loved ones for support
- Give yourself quiet-time to do nothing