Resources: Cecile Raynor's Self-Paced Activate Your Body Intelligence Course

Apr 19, 2022

My colleague Cecile Raynor is offering a 7-week self-paced "Activate Your Body Intelligence" online course.  She invites you to "Reclaim natural good posture and ease of movement for a pain-free body."

Do you experience chronic headaches or chronic pain in your neck, shoulders, back, or joints?  Cecile helps people discover and unlearn unconscious habits that might have use mis-using or over-using your body.

Learn more about her course at:

Module 1: Your Integrated Body: The 5 Key Relationships for its Efficient Functioning

Module 2: Head, Neck and Torso Relationship:
Solving Chronic Neck Pain\

Module 3:  Arm and Torso Relationship:
Solving Chronic Shoulder and Upper Back Pain

Module 4: Leg and Torso Relationship:
Solving Chronic Lower Back Tension and Hip Stiffness

Module 5: Integrated Movement:
Feet and Whole-Body Relationship

Module 6: Your Postural Mechanism:
Activating your Body Intelligence for Natural Good Posture

Module 7: Living Body wisdom:
Bringing it All Together into Your Daily Activities