Opening to the Seven Directions (Joy's Version)

Oct 01, 2021
Joyful Healing with Joy Caffrey
Opening to the Seven Directions (Joy's Version)

When I work with my clients, I intentionally center myself, set ego aside, and open and close my energetic field. I have often been asked how I do this, why I do this, and if I can teach someone how to do this. I was asked again during our last Joyful Healing Inner Circle. And so the impetus for this blog.

About eight years ago, I created a recording of how I open my field for my work with my clients. The six-minute audio file which is above, explains my process. I have updated and edited the script from the recording to share with you here:

WHY I open and close my field:
I center myself, get grounded, and set my ego aside so that I can most clearly reflect my client's true and radiant self.  I get my ego out of the way so that I can discern information more accurately. I open my field to be in full connection to all aspects of divinity to best serve my client. I connect with archetypal consciousness, which connects me with human nature.

After the session, I mindfully and intentionally honor my client's individuation and create a healthy separation between their journey and my journey. I close their field and my field to keep us energetically intact and protected.

HOW: This is a loose script of what I say before I work with my clients:

In this moment, I place myself in service to you and to Spirit.   I set the intention for your highest good and well-being. I open to the embodiment of love and compassion. 

I invoke our connection to the seven directions.

I turn to the East and I open to the guidance, wisdom, and power of the East. I open to mental clarity. I open to our intuition.

I turn to the South, and I open to the guidance, wisdom, and power of the South. I honor the divine child within each of us. I open to curiosity, to awe, to joy, and to wonder.

I turn to the West, and I open to the guidance, wisdom, and power of the West.  I open to the full spectrum of our emotional lives. I open to perceptions and perspectives and discernment.

I turn to the North, and I open to the guidance, wisdom, and power of the North. I open to archetypes of consciousness and to our understanding of them. I open to the storytellers and to the guidance of those who have walked before us.

I turn to the direction Above, opening to energy in its light form. I open to the Christ consciousness and to love and compassion. I open to the Buddha consciousness, opening to compassion and wisdom. I open to the way of the Tao, giving witness to the formless and the form, honoring what is.  I open to the Great Mystery of all that is.

I turn to the direction Below, opening to our Mother Earth. Opening to the Great Mother. Opening to her strength and her nourishment.  Opening to her resilience and her beauty. 

I turn to the direction Within, opening to the intimate, opening to the grace of Spirit that moves from within. I honor the Holy fire within each of us. 

As I am connecting to my client's field in this opening, I am paying attention to the quality and volume of energy as it is moving down his/her body and pulsing from one side of the body to the other. I notice what rhythms and patterns are showing up.  As I open to each direction, their energy pattern will even shift and change in response to what we are calling in.  I notice. I pay attention. I see what perceptions arise as I am opening to the Seven Directions. 

Different indigenous groups have different symbols or animals aligned with each direction. I do not come from that background. So I chose to create a ritual that aligned with my personal experience

I created this ritual for myself as a way of centering for myself, clearing my field, and creating the clearest vibration within me to genuinely be of service. The way I open my field is my own mnemonic device that allows me to open to my gift of clairvoyance and tune into my connection with the Divine Source of Creation and to my Spirit guides. I open to an awareness of my client's needs, I open to guidance for their healing and growth. 

The words have changed over time. I choose not to say them from memory but rather what truth is alive vibrationally at that moment. 

Because I am kinesthetic in my processing, I like working with the seven directions. Acknowledging the seven directions allows me to be aware of a three-dimensional aspect of myself in connection within an expanding universe. 

Acknowledging the seven directions allows me to embrace the divine from all directions from all aspects, and it humbles me. It reminds me to put ego aside and to serve through my connection to something greater than myself.

Tuning into the seven directions is a mnemonic device that works for me kinesthetically.  As I am saying the words, it's giving me checks and balances, such as "Is this true?"  For example, is it true that I am releasing my ego?  The words and their reverberations within me let me know if it is true. And I don't go on to the next direction until I feel in my body that it is true. For me, it is a vibrational truth. Though, you might feel it another way.

Sometimes, I use a shortened version, which I can use now because I have practiced it so much that I know the vibrational truth that I am seeking.  I may say "I turn to the Divinity in all seven directions"  instead of turning to each individual direction. The powerful "poom" sound I make is a sharp and quick way to clear my field. It is like an exclamation mark versus a period. 


I encourage you to come up with a centering practice for yourself that allows you to prepare for being present and serving your clients or audience or for whatever task you are undertaking that requires full presence. It does not have to be as elaborate. It can be as simple as mindful breaths. 

If you are creating your own centering practice using the seven directions, consider what it is you are wanting to do with your awareness. Use your purpose to help you decide what vibrations you are wanting to embody?

You can start by listing your seven directions.

The Seven Directions

  1. I turn to the East, opening to -----.
  2. I turn to the South, opening to -----.
  3. I turn to the West,  opening to -----.
  4. I turn to the North,  opening to -----.
  5. I turn to the direction Above,  opening to -----.
  6. I turn to the direction Below,  opening to -----.
  7. I turn to the direction WithIn,  opening to -----.

Next, consider what is in each direction that will help you to center yourself. You have the right to use your imagination and create this for yourself. You can choose to connect with an animal spirit in each direction. Or to choose to align with a value that you want to embody. The repetition of using a specific element per direction helps you to align with the vibration that you are seeking with more ease and confidence. 

You can Google it to find other examples for inspiration, such as the Mayan Prayer of Seven Directions. Trust yourself. This is a practice for you. Make it yours. 

If you have any questions or want to explore this topic further from an energetic perspective, reach out to me. We can take it deeper in an individual session.