Invitation to discuss the Joyful Healing Clarity Cards

Apr 19, 2022

Hi! Joy Caffrey here.   If you have already purchased any of the decks from the Joyful Healing Clarity Cards Collection, I am wanting to make sure you are getting the best use out of them.  If you put them aside and forgot about them, now's a good time to pull them out and consider "Hey, how can I use these to gain clarity or awareness or allows me to verbalize what I am feeling inside my body?"

Sometimes we have these sensations that might be a tension or a tweek or a sharp little jump in our own skin and we don't even know what it is. And as we use the Feelings Deck and the Needs Deck, they help us to verbalize "Oh, that's what's rising in me!" Maybe I didnt even realize that in the background I was being irritated about something. Or maybe I've been feeling a little bit more lonely than I realized. Or a little more anxious with all the changes on the horizon.

So I'd like to offer you an opportunity to dialog with me or converse with me. Let me show you how you can take advantage of using the cards to help you gain your own awareness to better be in self-connection and in connection with others.

So if you are interested to pull those cards out and figure out how to use them again. go ahead an use the link below to register to receive the zoom link.

April 20, 2022 at 4pm Central Time
(Free Virtual Discussions are offered each month.)

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