LIVE EVENT: NW Arkansas Launch Party

Jul 07, 2021

Day 2 of the crowd-funding project, we held a LIVE Launch Party from  4 - 8 pm at the Mount Sequoyah Center. 

I invited Northwest Arkansas friends, colleagues, and supporters to join me at Mount Sequoyah to celebrate the launch of my Joyful Healing Clarity Card Collection crowd-funding project on  I appreciated all the moral support, wisdom, humor, and encouragement these folks have given in the 2 years that this collection has been in development and beta testing. I wanted to share my joyful excitement with them.

Before the party, I shopped with a friend to collect the munchies for the party -- chips, grapes, chocolate kisses, apple slices, baby carrots, and cheese squares. We also had wine, ice water, and infused iced water (1 lemon, 3 limes, and a handful of fresh herbs from my garden).

I also worked on putting information about my project on to a 3-Sided Presentation Board so party-goers could learn about the Joyful Healing Clarity Cards Collection.

At 3pm, my team of helpers arrived  with me to set up for the party. We had white table cloths, balloons, event announcement postcards, 3-side project boards, business cards,  prototype decks, and a few demo decks.  A friend from Sacred Hollow Farm brought in several jars of freshly picked flowers.

What a delight that our participants lucked into a sneak preview of an upcoming art show!  Two of the art works were my paintings.  It was fun to walk friends and supports over to my 2 paintings to show them one of my recent projects!

4pm arrived, and with it some more vulnerability of putting myself out there. Would anyone show up for the party?

We had 2 tables for people to practice with the 4-Deck collection, working their way through the system. I was there to help guide them as they began to experiment. They loved it!!  There were definitely playful moments.  For instance, one family decided to work their way through the Feelings deck as if they were playing "21 Blackjack." Laughter and the sound of excited voices telling stories filled the room during our party.  

We had laptops available so folks could pledge. A big screen set to my page let everyone watch as our funding numbers increased through out the evening.

By the end of the celebration, our project was 77% funded with 48 backers! Thank you to everyone who has pledged.