Learning the 4-Deck System

Jul 08, 2021

Great news! We have several ways for folks to learn the 4-Deck System

The decks are called Joyful Healing Clarity Cards because I’ve seen first hand how deeply even the simplest of these cards can impact a person struggling with anxiety or depression and bring them clarity and joyful hope.  Though the decks work well on their own, my favorite way to use them is as a set.


Z-fold Guidebook

  • The Collection come with a Z-fold guidebook with tips on some ways to use the decks in the collection
  • These guide is the same size as the cards, so it will be easy to take the guide with you when you and your cards are on the move out in the world.

Instructional Video

  •  Monday July 5, several of our creative team got together to film the Instructional Video on using the Joyful Healing Clarity Card 4-Deck Collection
  • The video is in production stages now.
  •  The video will be ready by our project deadline.
  •  We're considering making a written version too.

Training Event on Zoom: How to Use the Decks

  • August 2 or 3, 2021
  • Time to be announced
  • We'll share the link with you once we schedule the event
  • Open to the public -- Backers, you can invite friends/family to attend
  • Q & A period after the instructional part of the session

Backers,  as of 8:40 pm central time on Day 3,  this project is 85 % funded thanks to 58 backers.  We appreciate you all!