January 2023 News from Joy

Jan 31, 2023


This has been a month of observation for me. I noticed the changing shape of our landscape as the laden branches gave way to heavy wet snow. The photo above is of our front deck after last week's precipitation. I spent time observing how I feel when I refrain from alcohol (insightful details are below.) I observed the challenges that lack of mobility brings to my aging mama and papa. I witnessed the erosion of our healthcare system firsthand. I observed tenderness and neglect.

I noticed that instead of making New Year's resolutions, I gravitate toward learning and growth. I have been doing this for years, yet I only recently recognized this pattern. If I want to motivate myself, I sign up to learn something new. To balance my strong intuitive side, I am diving into developing my more linear executive functioning. This month I gained insights and inspiration watching Demir Bently's webinar entitled "Winning the Week Masterclass." His six-step concept was easy to understand and integrate into my weekly routine. I also am participating in Laura Posley's six-week course "Plan to Win." It is helping me further understand the twelve necessary aspects of a successful business. I thrive in live, online courses where I can interact with like-minded people. Over the years, I have developed lasting and meaningful colleague relationships.