How can we access what we know?

Oct 31, 2021

Question a from Client:

Q: Sometimes it feels like there's nothing I "can" do about something or in a situation and I know that's probably never true but I need to know how to figure it out because often times if I'm focusing on what I can't do, it's because I've been unsuccessful in figuring out what I can do. I know that we all contain all of the answers to anything we may need to ask, but how can I access those? 

One thing I hear in this question is a longing for connection to one's inner compass. I also hear a longing for hope, confidence, trust in oneself, and discernment. It is true that we all will face challenges and failures. Learning from our failures paves the way for knowing what we truly desire. 
 I encourage you to take some time to sit in stillness. Allow thoughts, feelings, and awareness to arise. Track how your body shifts either into a contraction or an expansion. Those sensations are good cues to how you want to move forward. A contraction tells you "no," or not yet, or that resistance is there for a reason. An expansion of your heart, or a smile, or the tapping of happy feet lets you know that you are on the right track. 
If it is hard to sit still then go for a walk or sweep your floors. Let thoughts or ideas rise and fall. See which perceptions linger with a nudge of longing for your attention. 
You can also start with small self-care actions that are doable, such as: 
Make your bed. 
Take a shower. 
Tidy up your kitchen.

Such small actions can create an energy shift for clarity and positive self-esteem. Build on that momentum. 

You can lean into your feelings to point to your needs. Once you recognize your needs, you can brainstorm an infinite number of strategies to begin to meet your needs. Sometimes our needs conflict, such as when we want financial stability and we also want our autonomy or creative expression, but our current job may not allow for all of these needs to get met in its current configuration. Often we have inner conflicts without being aware of the tug of war within us. 

Establishing a connection to your inner compass takes time. Be ok with the stillness, to begin to differentiate between a "should" and a knowingness. Build on the momentum of confidence that strengthens through self-care positive actions. 

Let's start here and explore more options together.