Tools in My Healer’s Tool Box

Feb 26, 2008

I had the opportunity to be a guest lecturer for Paula Mathews class of grad students at the U of Arkansas.

I wanted the class to be experiential and hands on learning. The time flew by. We discussed Human Energy Dynamics and did a few exercises getting to play with the 5 movements of energy: diffuse, pull, contract, push and stop.

Here is a list I put together for the students: Tools that are in My Healer’s Tool Box. I didn’t have enough time to go over this list. So I invite the grad students (or anyone else) to ask a question on the material below or anything else that was discussed today.

Tools in My Healer’s Tool Box

  • Shamanic attributes / clairvoyance
  • The ability to move from consciousness to unconscious to the collective conscious
  • Body Mirroring, interpreting pain as information
  • Subtle Sense Perceptions of Energy Field
  • Understanding the mapping of the Human Energy Field
  • Ability to use sound to give rise to information
  • Ability to use sound to restructure the Energetic Field
  • Translating sensations into cognitive awareness
  • Compassion / Unconditional Love
  • Discernment
  • Active Imagination
  • Guided Meditations
  • Observations skills
  • The ability to meet my client in their contracted places with non judgment, and compassion
  • The ability to navigate the inner territories with out losing a sense of self
  • The ability to ground myself and client
  • The ability to simultaneously activate Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta states
  • The ability to lucid dream for my client
  • The ability to recognize and reflect client’s inner wisdom
  • Discerning quality touch