Haiku Series: I am disciple

Mar 12, 2021

(Originally posted 21 October 2008.)

Recently I had a dream that has been deeply nurturing. The wisdom within the dream has prompted me to write. Let me know if any of the haikus land on you in a way that has meaning for you.

 I am disciple.

The teacher lies within me.

One forms the other.


I’m learning to crawl,

propelling myself through words.

In my mouth they go.


Taking care of mind

I rock cranial cradle

Head first I fall in


Full incarnation

Is an ongoing process

No need to rush it


Oh rush it, I do

Self conscious of unconscious

Fierce drive to stand all


Does it matter if

I respond to the calling?

Who hears my answer?

 As I wrote the above Haiku, the answer to my question came to me. It is the God reflected in you, in me, in each of us, that listens. We are all here to give witness to each other’s response to our calling. I recognize the absolute beauty in our individuation. I have compassion for the trials and tribulations we each face, as we seek to embody the authentic self, as we answer our calling. Each response is unique.