Offering gratitude to 2020

Dec 31, 2020

Time to reflect and offer my gratitude to 2020. I have lived through it, that's a big win. I offer my sweet prayers of transition for those who passed on, with deep empathy and condolence for those that carry a weighted emptiness missing these loved ones.

2020 has turned us inside out, vulnerable, and exposed. I come away from this year recognizing how much creativity is a guiding force and carries me through such tough times.

Anxiety has been too frequent a guest. Resilience is a welcomed one in this home, she reminds me of what I have to reframe, to keep going, and to do diligent self-care. I listen to the stronger voice of Resilience, as a comfort and to soothe that older, weary Anxiety.

I have slowed down and let go of "the need to be" in too many places as characteristic of life in a pre-Covid world. Ahh, the joy of simplifying.

I am grateful for deepening my relationships, keeping them wholehearted and real. Staying open-minded to seeing my husband with new eyes as we navigate this time differently.

I am grateful to all my new colleagues that I have met in online courses both taking and offering. I have been incredible enriched by creating depth with new friends. Thank you ZOOM, Ring Central, and all the other new tech for connecting.

I offer a sweet cleansing goodbye to you 2020. Thank you for making me stronger and more available for 2021.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my loved ones and my community worldwide.