Gratitude is my instant energy uplifter

Nov 23, 2022


Gratitude is my instant energy uplifter. I am not sure if I was born wired to see the world through the lens of gratitude or if it slowly developed organically through my healing work. I feel fortunate that I can stare at anything around me and find the beauty or appreciation of its existence. Seriously. There's a box of tissues next to me; I am so grateful that I have them as I move through this head cold. My phone is in front of me. Wow. It keeps me connected to my loved ones, my camera, my calendar, etc. The pile of paperwork reminds me of my gratitude for trees. Trees make me think of dappled light, which intrigues me to no end. The lighting and amber-colored leaves outside my window tell me that it's fall, and I am reminded of the beauty of the four seasons here in Arkansas.  The look of autumn brings me full circle back to Thanksgiving. We typically go around the table and share our heartfelt gratitude. I have taken absolute delight in listening. This year, I won't be sitting around a table. I will be driving with Tim to Florida, so I can be tending to my parents. Dinner will be a roadside stop. Hmmm, I will playfully create an on-the-road ritual for this year's shout-outs of gratitude,1,300 miles worth.