How does using the Feelings & Needs deck combo enhance intimacy?

Feb 05, 2023

Oftentimes, we have difficulty articulating our feelings and needs, particularly when we are in a vulnerable emotional state. We can use these cards to create a safe space to talk about sensitive topics. 

When two people lay these cards out together, doorways open for vulnerable topics to be discussed.  And when a person is able to talk about these things with their partner intimacy between them increases.

Using the Feelings Cards together as a couple can help you identify projections one places upon a partner in a more gentle and organic way. It's not unusual for one partner to say, "You don't feel that way!" and the other partner to say, "Yes, I do." 

Laying the cards out on the table is a way to give each other permission to talk about that card. It allows topics to surface in a non-threatening, natural way.

Using the Feelings deck along with the Needs deck creates empathy.  You get to see what your partner is feeling and what your partner needs.

The cards your partner puts down may surprise you. The cards you put down may surprise your partner. This helps to create a shared reality -- getting to see from a partner's perspective -- which is essential to intimacy in a  relationship.