Bike Accident, Broken Pinky, Hand Surgery

May 27, 2021

Crashing my bike a few weeks ago did more than shake up my body and break my pinky. It has offered me an opportunity for growth and compassion. And too, altered my schedule...

Right after the bike accident, I went to the ER where I learned that I'd broken the pinky of my right hand. Yes, my dominant hand. Argh!   They immobilized it in a large wrap that went quite a way up my forearm. Days later, I met with a hand surgeon. We were hopeful my finger would heal on its own without surgery.  His staff put me in a custom-fitted splint.

I wanted to keep my life moving as normally as possible. But there was pain. And two fingers on my dominant hand were splinted together.  So, like it or not, my plans changed.  

The injury has forced me to slow down and re-assess. I've had to delay my Kickstarter fundraiser project.  I've had to reschedule some healing sessions. 

When I returned from my long-awaited trip to see my parents, I met with the hand surgeon again. The news was not what I'd wished for, though the reality was evident. To regain the full use of my hand, I needed hand surgery.  I have been told 3 months for a full recovery, and I'll need to fit some occupational therapy into my calendar.

I am now a few weeks post-surgery. A more challenging aspect was my body's reaction to the anesthesia. In the recovery room, I didn't come back into my body so well. It is beautiful to note, that what helped me come back into my body was my husband putting my hand on my chest and requesting that I come back in. He knew that in my "diffused" state, that request with his warm touch and calming voice would guide me back. I couldn't speak, and what first came out were toning sounds. Though I noticed they weren't exactly my frequency of toning. I spent the next several weeks in and out of my body. And It took my calling upon another energy healer to help tune me back to my own frequency for self-expression and tonal healing.  There are times when we all need a little help from our friends. 

Since the bike accident, surgery, and especially the anesthesia reaction: I have been challenged with brain glitches, where my thought process wasn't firing correctly. I have experienced depression and disappointment from needing to put things off such as the launch of my Kickstarter. 

The unexpected beauty of it all, I have learned to ask for more help. Valanne Ridgeway is helping me to redesign the typography of The Joyful Clarity Cards to have a lovely consistency and coherence. My Kickstarter team is growing with my angel assistant Vicki's contributions and keeping me on track as well as Val's visuals and Sasha Korpers offering to clarify our written copy for the Kickstarter launch page. 

Being shaken up, physically and psychically, has offered me the momentum to tend to my inner world with more focus and care. I was able to energetically accept a download of a new upgrade if you will. 

Whenever I find myself in an unexpected form of suffering, I find new ways to use the tools in my toolbox for healing. I also develop deeper levels of compassion for all my clients.