Being in the flow with the Universe. Part 1

Aug 01, 2022

 Story 1: PEACE and LOVE

I love when I make a spontaneous request and the Universe lets me know I was heard. The same delight comes when I realize I was in the right place at the right time to be the answer to someone else's request. 

I choose to share these simple moments to amplify the positive effect and celebrate my sense of connection to something bigger.

At my parents' house, I was having a particularly stressful evening with a range of temperaments. My dad was emotionally triggered, so he needed to leave the house. But my car was blocking his. I grabbed my keys, hurriedly jumped into my car to back it out of the driveway, and bam! I hit the neighbor's mailbox. Wow, did I feel the pent-up energy from the house go right out the back of the car. The steel mailbox post was fine. But my rental car's rear light was broken, and my radiance dimmed.

When my dad returned, I was able to leave the house for a much-needed break. I headed out with these words pouring out of my mouth: "I need some love right now." Moments later our oldest daughter, Melissa, called me and offered me genuine empathy and healthy mirroring.  Sweet timing. She had the impulse to call, and she followed through. Thank you, Melissa!

To my dismay, the phone battery died in the middle of the conversation. Instead of dropping into self-pity from the dropped call, I swung by a store for a spare power cord. Yet for whatever reason, my phone still wasn't charging. I was still longing for some connection and reassurance.  I love the ocean, and my parents live in the seaside town of Vero Beach. So I said to myself, "I guess I will have to go to the beach to get some PEACE and LOVE."

As I began walking on the beach at the water's edge, a beautiful woman with a bright yellow sunhat and her capris soaked above the knees walked toward me. We struck up small chit-chat, long enough for her to say what she was doing. Moving her hands as if she was sprinkling seeds, she said she was "spewing peace and love for whoever needed it." Um...that was me! Thank you, Universe!

I spent my short little beach break soaking up all the peace and love I could absorb. That night, after tending to my mom, I finally could reflect on my day. I knew I had a choice to either focus on all the historic family dysfunction or the sweet moments of feeling heard. Before bed, I texted my women's support group to share the peace and love tale to magnify and spread the love. I drifted off to sleep relishing the feeling of having my prayer answered and knowing where to place my focus.