Awakening the Peacemaker Within Me

Feb 25, 2022

I am distraught and deeply saddened to hear of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. I admit to being too naïve about world politics, understanding the acquisition of resources, and military strategies. 

Genocide and wars are found somewhere in the world on any given day. As a healer and lucid dreamer,  I pick up on the collective unconscious. Perhaps this is magnified as I have ancestral Ukrainian heritage in my blood.

As I sit to write this newsletter, my heart aches. This morning, I mentioned this in a mastermind group, and my peer acknowledged she felt helpless. I realized that wasn't entirely true for me, as I believe that my thoughts and prayers matter. (Thank you, Keira, for your spontaneous prayer and inspiration). 

By doing my inner work, I can do my bit to create a shift in humanity by recognizing and healing any unconscious or inappropriate use of my power. I also see how I have let the peacemaker within me fall asleep because I have the privilege to do so. I stir myself awake.