August 2022 News from Joy

Aug 29, 2022

"Back to School" season can be a time of renewal and fresh starts, even for those of us who are not attending school. This month, I have felt energized to declutter my workspace-- as I make room for new projects. I am determined to make sense of or eliminate the piles of papers. I even entered data into my QuickBooks. Numbers can be mysteriously soothing. And it feels good to help my future self be prepared for next tax season. 

I have also been grounding myself -- putting my hands in the soil as I tend to my garden. Doing so is another way I refresh, renew, and re-energize myself. Those gorgeous colored succulent peaches are from our peach tree that grew from our compost bin years ago. In years past, the animals beat us to harvesting. Not this year. My vigilant husband was rewarded with a beautiful crop, and he made several scrumptious peach pies and an upside-down cake. Yum-yum. Thank you, hubby!

This year my "summer camp" was attending a 6-day Facebook Ad camp (I loved that the 6-day course played with the summer camp theme, dividing us into cabins, etc ). I am learning so that I can move wisely into the marketing phase for my Joyful Healing Clarity Cards Collection.

Some days I find myself in "Mother of the Bride" mode. That's a new role for me, and it's interesting to meet this aspect of myself. Speaking of the wedding, I will take time off Sept. 20-27 to attend pre-wedding and post-wedding activities. We will have family members and guests that will be visiting Fayetteville, many for the first time. I am delighted to celebrate with our daughter, Melissa, and our soon-to-be son-in-law Jon with their community of friends and family. Send me positive, calming thoughts as I rise to the occasion of a gracious host.