When Plan B Blossoms

Feb 26, 2023

I struggle with committing to future events. My mom's precarious health made it tenfold more challenging to schedule clients. I had to face this when I was asked to facilitate a three-day Operations meeting for Legacy Foundations, a client in California. How could I say yes when I didn't know if I would get "the call" and need to drop everything and go to Florida? I wrestled with this dilemma of being thrilled with the opportunity and yet not wanting to let my customer down if I couldn't follow through. A blessing rose from my conundrum when I answered my question by inviting Akeela Davis of Courageous Business Culture to back me up by co-facilitating. We knew each other from a mastermind group, yet we never met in person. My need for Plan B flourished into a wonderful business partnership. 

We have combined our skill sets to best serve Legacy Foundations moving forward. I am also currently in Akeela's Motivational Maps Certification Program. I look forward to sharing the benefits of Motivational Map assessments in the months ahead.