March 2022 News from Joy

Mar 27, 2022

(from the March 2022 Joyful Healing Center Newsletter)

On March 8, I held another live training on using the Joyful Healing Clarity Cards Collection for self-care and working with others. I enjoy this informal and personal way of sharing my cards. 

On March 17, I recorded a podcast with Lee Davy. Lee has an inspiring podcast called 1000 Days Sober. He is powerfully transparent with his audience. In his interview, he asked me to talk about the "SELF" and healthy strategies to overcome feelings of being overwhelmed. We went on various tangents, one of which included me showing him hand mudras, which is ironic since even though we were on Zoom, its end destination is a podcast. We will have to see how that comes across. I also introduced the Clarity Card Collection when talking about self-care strategies. 

I had a bit of healthy nervous energy when I started the interview. I found it difficult to assess how I came across. My intention was to be fully present, trust the process, and let go of the results. I offered my grounding ritual when we started the interview. Since we recorded on Zoom, I could see his genuine open-mindedness to my tonal sounds. I was touched by Lee's comment after the recording when he said, "You are such a unique individual, which is so rare to find these days." I know I am outside the box. I allowed myself to receive his compliment as a moment of self-acceptance. I will let you know when the interview airs and a recording is available.

Since mid-February, I have been participating in the 100 Day Project. For my project, I decided to spend 15 minutes a day sketching or applying my creative energy somehow. I selected this project to practice seeing with my creative eye daily. I have more to say about this related to breaking the rules. I will save that for another day and share some sketches with you.