February 2022 News from Joy

Feb 06, 2022

My husband Tim and I are remodeling our living room. It was a spontaneous decision in alignment with our current life phase. Colors nourish me. I tested so many samples; I genuinely love painting my walls. For me, it is a transformative process internally and externally. I also had a little Michelangelo moment: painting my ceiling. 

As a consequence of remodeling the living room, I also have set to work clearing out some old paperwork from my old business office, which now serves as a guest room. Reading some of the old notebooks and papers has allowed me to revisit visions and goals with where I am now. I see consistency at the core. 

I am attending Steven Kessler's online course on How to Have Better Relationships. His material corresponds to what I teach in my Radiant Relationship class. Noticing our differences is also valuable in helping me clarify what I want to say and what I want to get out into the world.