An Encore Free Online Global Event

3 Keys to Living in Radiance


with Joy Caffrey 

motivational speaker and healer

Saturday, October 10, 2020
12:00 pm Eastern  •  11:00 am Central  • 9:00 am  Pacific


Discover how to tune into your energy field, stay connected to your authentic self, and create healthy thriving relationships

Imagine yourself feeling at ease and whole, as if you have gathered all the aspects of yourself into one place.

You feel settled, complete, competent, and confident.  You trust in life’s unfolding.

The twinkle in your eyes is infectious.

This is living in radiance!

It is easy to forget your purest essence when you get swept away by unconscious reaction to life's triggers.

You may feel disempowered and defeated. Perhaps you have days you are so frustrated that you avoid eye contact with anyone.

You feel alone, disconnected, unappreciated.

Knowing and loving yourself is a strong foundation that enhances all of your relationships.

This free live online webinar will reveal three principles that easily support you to stay in your authentic self instead of being triggered into patterns that sabotage your ability to live radiantly.

Join my free Webinar and discover the 3 keys that unlock your awareness, help you tune into your energy and support you to fully embody your authentic self.

Using self-compassion and humor as an antidote to imperfection, you will be:

Key #1: Tuning into your energy field 

  • You will develop a felt sense awareness of your power cords.

Key #2: Pulling back the veil to access your levels of consciousness

  • Once you have that access you can more easily integrate individuation with connectedness.

Key #3: Transforming the Victim - Perpetrator - Rescuer Triangle

  • Transforming this relationship dynamic allows you to reframe and reclaim your authentic self.

I am so excited to share experience with you as I know our time together will be healing.

A passion of mine is to mirror your beauty and brilliance to you, and help you find the joyful acceptance of how you are as you are.

Make the shift, join me for Living in Radiance!



Josh Upshaw

"Allowing [myself] to have more control over my experiences … [ I'm no longer] a victim of my circumstances."

Joshua Upshaw
Doctoral Student in Experimental Psychology

Sarah Dollar Dixon

“At each workshop... Joy's inner wisdom and playful guidance into the unconscious have allowed me the safety to look at myself in new and  profound ways.”

Sarah Dollar Dixon
Writing Coach

Rachel Lynn Gerner

“Joy is able to facilitate authentic productive workshops that lead to creative growth and insight.” 

Rachel Lynn Gerner

Skyler Gambert

“Participating in Joy’s workshop helped me get my feet back on the ground and allowed me to start using my energy productively.”

Skyler Gambert

About Joy Caffrey

Joy Caffrey moves her workshop participants into their own brilliance with ease, humor, and insight. Her audiences, course participants, and community members feel inspired, motivated, empowered, and equipped to fully engage with their personal and professional lives. Joy has lectured and conducted workshops across the country and spoken internationally.

Joy’s clients benefit from her combination of energy medicine, chakra balancing, tonal sounds, life coaching, yoga techniques, reframing, reflective listening, and compassionate presence. Her work has a natural and organic healing component. 

Joy Caffrey completed a two-year energy medicine program in the 1990s. She has been an energy medicine practitioner for over 28 years. She has been certified as a yoga teacher (E-RYT 200). Joy earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design and is an accomplished visual artist. She resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with her husband, Tim Caffrey. They enjoy celebrating life with their three adult children.