Steps Already Taken

Jul 14, 2021

About 8 years ago I was gifted with two decks of cards (used in Nonviolent Communication, aka NVC, to identify feelings and needs), and I integrated them successfully in my healing sessions with my clients. I redesigned the cards to better suit my clients and added two additional decks to support my work.

My struggle with dyslexia and scotopic sensitivity syndrome made me aware of the need to design the writing on the  cards in an easily readable way:
  • cleanness of the design 
  • ease of the fonts
  • color choice
  • words are written in all directions, right side up, upside down, and on the side. 

Using the Joyful Healing Clarity Cards 4-Deck Collection in my sessions with clients has eased facilitating the session and has benefited the client in making positive shifts. Seeing how successful these cards have been, I am eager to share this collection with you and other wellness practitioners. 

In sessions, my clients’ stories and memories will pour out after resonating with one of the cards. I have used these cards with couples and they are amazed to learn what their spouse has been feeling yet unable to articulate until seeing it on a card. They are more open to feeling, more open to sharing, and ultimately, more open to healing.

The prototypes were redesigned several times, tested with clients, and further improved. They are now ready for distribution.

  • Important Feature is that the background color of the feeling and needs deck are distinctively different so that the client can easily see them and reflect without getting confused
  • Words are intentionally written so that both client and therapist can read them. Words are on each end and on the sides. Their ‘mirrored’ design makes collaborative healing activities between client and therapist, couples, or pairs within a group setting, easy to coordinate and fun to do. 
  • The design of the card decks and Z-fold guidebook have been finalized.
  • The decks have gone through multiple iterations and printed prototypes. After each printing, we updated the fonts and colors of fonts for improved readability. 
  • I have tested four different printers for the feel of the cards (cardstock quality), the look of the cards (fonts and colors), and the reliability of shipping times.
  • I have sourced cases for the card decks, received samples, and successfully tested those with the actual decks.
  • I have sourced shipping boxes for 4- deck collection.
  • I have used demo decks with my clients;  I have used them in hundreds of individual healing sessions and also in couples sessions.
  •  I have used demo decks in workshops.
  •  I have had clients, workshop participants, and other people test the cards at home for ease of use, as well as the portability of bringing the cards with them when they go to work or travel.
  • Therapists, counselors, and wellness practitioners have tested the decks with their clients. 
  • Prototype decks have been donated to Peace at Home, a local non-profit.

 I have found my clients want their own decks for use at home on their own. They have even come back and shared with me the new ways they come up with to use them. The response has been phenomenal.