Joy as a relationship mentor

Feb 04, 2023

When it comes to intimacy and relationships, Joy Caffrey is an experienced speaker, teacher, and relationship mentor. As an energy healer, Joy often works with couples. She has used versions of the Feelings and Needs cards with her clients for over 10 years.

- Since 2009, she has repeatedly led a workshop called "Clarify and Heal Your Relationships: Dissolving Dysfunctional Power Cords."

- In 2013, she co-facilitated a "Sensuous and Loving It" workshop with Maria Chowdhry. This workshop created a safe and sacred space to discuss cultural messages about sexuality and observe our fears, emotions, and body responses to those messages.

- In 2019, she co-facilitated an "Embodied Connection" workshop with Jeannie McGehee. This workshop empowered people to strengthen their relationships by peering through the lens of connection ... soulful, sensual, and practical.

- In 2020 and again in 2021 she designed and taught "Radiant Relationships", a 7-week live online course. The focus was to create whole hearted connection, clarity and confidence in all your relationship through understanding human energy dynamics and personality patterns. 

When talking about her Joyful Healing Clarity Card decks, Joy often says that "even though emotions are what make us human, we often try to avoid feelings we judge as wrong or bad, which means many of our deeper needs remain buried and unmet, sometimes for years." Playing with the decks is all about making these deeper feelings and needs more accessible and acceptable.

In 2021, Joy successfully ran a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for her Joyful Healing Clarity Cards Collection, raising $16,000 from over 140 backers.

Joy currently lives with her husband, Tim, in the very green Ozark town of Fayetteville, Arkansas. They are empty-nesters and their three adult children are just where they are meant to be and doing what they love.