The Ritual of Observing the Misty Green

Mar 20, 2022

March 20, 2022, marked the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere. With the arrival of Spring, life-force energy begins to stir. Inevitably, that live force bursts forth in the following days and weeks. I wait with anticipation for my annual observation of misty green. Even when I say those words, "misty green", they roll off my tongue with a lyrical mystique. The "mist" I refer to is not the spring fog as in the picture above (which is also lovely), rather it is the beauty created in the woods from the baby buds. The young green of spring often starts in the undergrowth and works its way up to the tree branches. There is an ethereal delicate hue that is only visible for a short time, maybe only days. It is my favorite time to drive around town, walk in the parks, and hike the local woods. You don't have to go far to catch the delight. I encourage you to pick a bush or tree that you pass daily and catch the moment it puts out its first buds and watch it over time as it changes daily.