Getting Back To Center When You Are In A Funk

Jun 29, 2021

 We all get into funks. Learning the difference between leaning into the feelings versus sinking and drowning in them can be the key to getting back to center. 

Last week, after a counseling session for myself, some old stuff was brought up, and my response surprised me and caught me off guard. I didn't think it was a big deal until the next morning when I woke up heavy and in a dark clouded mindset. 

I literally went from my bed to my healing table. When I got there I thought I would be there all day: the weight and dark thoughts loomed like the gray day. I breathed into it. I allowed sensations to rise. I realized I was in a  defensive compressed energy state. Recognizing that, I knew that moving my body would be better moving than continuing to lay there. Within minutes the sensation of "the permanence of deep gloom" lifted, and I felt the energy to move.

I started with something as simple as unloading the dishwasher. The simple movement of loading the dishes called me to move again, this time on my yoga mat. My yoga tuned in to needing to hydrate. Turning on the water at the faucet tuned me into sound, leading me into the present moment. 

That sound led me to hear my husband using the weed eater near his beehives. I went to the window to watch the bees waking up as my husband tended to the hives' environs. 

He came up to the window, with a sweet smile. That small act tuned me back to love and connection and the simplicity of life humming along. 

In the past, the depth of that funk would have taken me weeks to overcome. Being gentle with myself, feeling the gloom but not identifying myself as the darkness, rather witnessing it, and accepting the need to release the past and embody my growth all helped return me to a sense of stability. 

Witnessing our feelings, allows us to remember we are more than the feeling moving through us, no matter its weight. Creating a bit of separation can give breathing room for a vibrational shift. On that morning, the shift was made not by picking up just one tool in my toolbox. I used one and then another. I wasn't even aware I was doing that. I looked back later in the day when a client asked me how she can better get out of a funk. I realized I could retrace my morning to give her some tips.  

When find yourself in a tough place or in an old pattern try the following:

  • See if you can name the sensation ie.: this is a sense of rejection, or a dark weight, or feeling lonely or hopeless, etc.
  • Remember you are more than this temporary state
  • Breathe into it, to acknowledge it and give it space
  • Talk to whatever sensation is rising, ask what it needs. ie, movement, to be acknowledged, presence
  • Trust your inner guidance
  • Open to self-care