May 2022 News From Joy

May 29, 2022

(From the May 2022 Newsletter)

 Acts of Service and Quality Time

As our rainy season allowed, my husband Tim and I worked in our garden and on our front deck, preparing the space for an outdoor bridal shower for our oldest daughter. Such rituals mark transitions.  

On a sunny Monday after the rains, I went on a hike with a friend. We'd been planning this hike since 2020, and we were determined to make it happen now before she moves away. Life changes keep on coming this month. 

This brings me to the poignancy of this week.  I am back in Florida, as my mama is in the hospital facing end-of-life realities. This past Wednesday I drove straight from the airport to her hospital room arriving at 1 a.m. To my surprise, I was allowed to stay overnight in her hospital room. The last 2 nights offered a beautiful intimacy as I held her hand calming her with prayers of "Hail Mary" and "Our Father". My intention was to recite them in the familiar incantation tone she listens to on her favorite prayer channel. The repetition calmed and soothed her disorientation. She has made it through today. I am grateful for this precious time with her.