Radiant Relationships



Create Wholehearted Connection, Clarity, and Confidence in ALL Your Relationships


7-week live online workshop with Joy Caffrey, motivational speaker, coach, and energy healer

Discover the 5 Energy Movements for transforming old patterns to strengthen your self-confidence, speak your truth, and enjoy vibrant relationships


Imagine yourself feeling at ease and fully present in any situation, your confidence harnessed from self-acceptance and feeling grounded.

We know our buttons can get pushed. Relationships are complex. Anxiety rises as we think about navigating tough conversations. Perhaps you feel a weariness, a knot in your gut, or regret saying “yes” instead of “no” to a partner, your parents, your siblings, a boss, or neighbor. 

Unmet needs and situational challenges from childhood leave strong impressions that continue to impact our adult relationships. As children, we developed strategies to cope with life based on appeasing our caretakers. Maybe we learned the best way to get attention was to go into an emotional fury,  to act helpless or precocious, or strive for perfection.

Here’s the catch:  Strategies that were absolutely essential to you as a child become detrimental to you as an adult. You want to be the authority of your life; yet, you keep using ingrained and unconscious behavioral patterns  from when you weren’t in charge. They alter your perception of current reality. Those patterns no longer serve the adult you’ve become. 

A transformational journey allows you to liberate yourself from habitual and triggered responses. The process goes  inward, honors the imprint, and releases the patterns that don’t serve you. From a healthy, conscious choice, you create new pathways for yourself and for every relationship. You become present to the moment and fully available.  

That’s why I created Radiant Relationships: To help you shift patterns and gain the clarity, confidence, and resilience to create the relationships you want. This 7-week live online course provides a framework for understanding how you interpret and use energy in your everyday communication with co-workers, clients, friends, and loved ones. 

Discover how to choose radiance. This course combines weekly lessons, guided meditations, breath exercises, hand mudras, questions and reflections. I encourage self-compassion and humor. You can let go of striving for perfection. The outcome may feel like self-acceptance and taste like freedom. Self-connection, self-respect, and self-love will open you to relating to others with confidence and compassion.

I guide you through a process that can be healing in the moment. We start with compassion and tend to the “you” that wasn’t heard. You’ll learn to perceive the five basic energy movements. With this consciousness, you can stop defaulting into defensive patterns and diminish anxiety, shame, and guilt. You can be mindful and catch yourself getting annoyed, irritated, and frustrated, and reflect on whether — out of habit — you are giving power away or withholding the expression of your power. 

Develop the ability to:

    • Express yourself in all your relationships with more ease and confidence
    • Understand how you use energy and your energetic boundaries
    • Choose healthy, appropriate actions to meet your needs within your relationships
    • Be empathetic and compassionate to yourself and others
    • Be powerfully present and contribute meaningfully to your relationships

Imagine yourself at a holiday dinner, feeling at ease as you dive into the conversational flow.  Picture yourself in a work meeting, with a genuine smile as you share ideas to enthusiastic listeners. Picture the day that wherever you go, you trust yourself to wholeheartedly express your unique truth as you live in radiance.


My Story

From My Wound to My Gifts and How that Relates to You

I was a sensitive child raised in a large family. My parents provided for me and encouraged creativity, yet I also craved gentle affection. My ability to speak up for myself was silenced from my fears of physical discipline. I was easily overwhelmed, even by my own emotions. That is why I often climbed our maple tree and took solace in her branches.

I struggled with dyslexia and scotopic sensitivity syndrome (both diagnosed much later in life.). I was hypersensitive to criticism, and took everything literally. I developed high-sense perception to compensate for my reading challenges.

After college, the sudden and traumatic death of a close friend jolted me into a deeper awareness of the Spirit world. Another turning point was when I realized I could “see” and “hear” the troubled spirit of the deceased previous owner of the house my husband and I purchased. 

In a two-year energy medicine program that followed my Spirit world awakening, I honed my high-sense perception. I learned a new vocabulary to describe things that I had been experiencing, in various dimensions, for which I had never had a language or felt comfortable expressing to others. I built a community that understood me, which was powerful. I want to offer you understanding in the same way. 

I am attuned to my physical, emotional, and energetic body. I express myself creatively. I move through life with curiosity, an open mind, and compassion. I care deeply about my relationships. I allow myself to change, strengthen, and emerge with confidence. You can too. I created the Radiant Relationships course to support you living authentically in all your relationships.

Kari Gillenwater

“Working with Joy has been truly transformational for me personally and professionally.  Joy has an innate gift for helping people to reframe their thoughts and their energy and to reclaim their power.”
Kari Gillenwater, Strategic Marketing Consultant and Growth Coach

Jeanie McGehee

"I have attended several of Joy's workshops. I enjoy the insightful ways she directs our sharings, meditations, and creative play, with such safety that I was willing to open in vulnerability and curiosity. Whether online or in-person, Joys guides me to an insight that shifts my mind and heart. I wholeheartedly recommend her courses."
Jean McGehee
Retired math educator
Rewired as spiritual educator


Kelley Wilks

" Joy is a remarkably insightful and powerful healer. The calm she exudes radiates and is very reassuring. She is also a very powerful workshop leader and speaker,  her power comes from her spirit, not from force. Joy is a Joy."  
Kelley Wilks, Realtor, Coach, Artist

Your Course Experience:


WEEK 1, Live October 27, 1 p.m. central time. A recording will be posted when available. 

Introduction to Energy Dynamics
Connecting with your core self

Gain an understanding of how you move energy in ways that add to your suffering or reveal your full radiance.

  • Learning to sense your own energy field
  • Understanding your energetic boundaries
  • Introducing the 5 Energy Movements: diffuse, pull, compress, push, and stop 

WEEK 2, Live November 3, 1 p.m. central time. A recording will be posted when available.  

Energy Pattern #1: Diffuse 
Embodying your essential nature; expand, ground, and orient

Develop an awareness of the diffuse (leaving) energy pattern. Learn a healthy way to individuate. 

  • Integrating energetic awareness to empower you in moments of high sensitivity 
  • Finding safety within yourself and tools to overcome anxiety
  • Understanding challenges with commitment and understanding your relationship to the time space continuum

WEEK 3, Live November 10, 1 p.m. central time. A recording will be posted when available. 

Energy Pattern #2: Pull
Connecting without losing yourself

Develop an awareness of the pull (merging) energy pattern. Learn how to master self-care. 

  • Self-referencing and self-regulating
  • Feeling capable, caring, and fulfilled
  • Recognizing how feelings point to unmet needs

WEEK 4, Live November 17, 1 p.m. central time. A recording will be posted when available. 

Energy Pattern #3: Compress
Expanding the energetic field through releasing what no longer serves

Develop an awareness of the compress (enduring) energy pattern. Learn how to identify the masochist and to find your voice.

  • Releasing shame
  • Discovering what liberates you
  • Finding joy in self-expression

WEEK 5, Live November 24, 1 p.m. central time. A recording will be posted when available. 

Energy Pattern #4: Push
Leading through inspiration, transparency, vulnerability, and power  

Develop an awareness of the push (aggressive) energy pattern. Learn how to identify and diffuse narcissism.

  • Learning “power with” versus “power over”
  • Dismantling Imposter Syndrome
  • Trusting through discernment

WEEK 6, Live December 1, 1 p.m. central time. A recording will be posted when available. 

Energy Pattern #5: Stop
Choosing pleasure over perfection

Develop an awareness of the stop (rigid) energy pattern. Learn how to identify the perfectionist within.

  • Discovering the softer side of rigidity 
  • Releasing judgment: accepting imperfections in yourself and others
  • Choosing pleasure over perfection; stepping into authenticity 

WEEK 7, Live December 8, 1 p.m. central time. A recording will be posted when available. 

Holding the Keys to Full Presence

Recognize your reactions to triggers in relationships and adjust your responses. Learn effective communication techniques. 

  • Recognizing projections
  • Centering in the midst of triggers and uncertainty
  • Developing compassionate communication

Michele Fincher

“I have worked with Joy and hosted her workshops at Healing Points Acupuncture in Little Rock. Her guidance was pivotal in helping me find my voice, gain clarity, and the confidence I needed to make it through tough transitions. Working with Joy was truly a gift!”

Michele Fincher, L.Ac., Dipl. OM

Travis Wyly

“Joy brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in healing that is perfectly balanced. She has a gift of insight that gets to the heart of the most complex mental/emotional/spiritual issues. Most of all, ... she brings heart and soul. ...I have felt totally enveloped in love and acceptance. ... If you’re thinking about working with Joy, do it!”

Dr. Travis Wyly, Chiropractor

Louanne Lawson

"What a healer like Joy brings ... is a sense of confidence and competence — that the universe is unfolding as it should — that no one is alone because no one is separate — that no one is overwhelmed because no one is intruding — that all of us, singly and collectively, are beloved."

Louanne Lawson, PhD

It’s More Than a Course; It’s a Community

Living fully in radiance is the most powerful and fulfilling decision you can make for  your present, your future, and the future of your relationships. Questions and challenges will likely arise during the transformational journey of this course. To get the most out of your experience, you will receive training, ongoing support, and a deep connection with others on the same path.

When you register for Radiant Relationships, you’ll become part of an inspired, vibrant learning community. You’ll be interacting online in a private social network created exclusively for the course participants.

As part of each week’s curriculum, you will receive exercises for contemplation and reflection for you to share within the forum. Your Radiant Relationships instructor, Joy Caffrey, will be reading everyone’s comments. She will also be posting compassionate, constructive feedback. This community and the relationships you build can be a safe haven for practicing your learned skills. 

Your Course Includes:

7 weekly online live training sessions

Each session weaves together a unique lesson, experiential learning, breakout sessions, time for silent reflection, tonal sounds, and Q&A

7 weekly exercises 

  • You will learn guided meditations, breath exercises, or hand mudras
  • You will create your own positive affirmations and personal mantras

Training packets for each energy pattern

  • Powerpoint slides
  • Essential oil suggestions
  • Yoga postures
  • Contemplative practices
  • Inspirational quotes  

Playful practices 

  • Interactive energy practices with friends and family
  • Journal prompts
  • Movement exercises
  • Dance

+ Access to live online training video recordings


+ Membership in a loving interactive community where you will receive compassionate, constructive feedback.

Instant Registration Bonuses

These bonuses are available for those who register 24 hours after watching the 3 Keys to Living in Radiance Webinar

45-minute 1:1 Mentoring Call with Joy Caffrey 

As you choose to grow and shift, you may feel stuck, confused, or in a state of transition — all of which can feel uncomfortable. Joy creates space for powerful insights to emerge. You can experience true relief and unearth capacities for deep self-acceptance and happiness. Must register within 24 hours after the webinar. 


Joyful Healing Clarity Card Collection

This four-deck card collection promotes clarity, fosters communication, diminishes anxiety, and increases empowerment. Must register within 24 hours after the webinar. 


Register Now to Receive Instant Bonus

Early Bird Registration Bonuses

These bonuses are available for those who register by Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Joyful Healing Soul-Care Strategy Deck

Soul Care Strategies Deck - This deck offers simple and doable strategies that promote empowerment, inner peace, growth, vitality, and resilience when aligned with your needs. Use these cards to:

  • Connect your feelings and needs with actions that foster self-care
  • Learn meaningful ways to use your time wisely
  • Be in harmony with the flow by knowing a constructive next step
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, and depression by prompting yourself to take action to bring relief and healing

Must register by Wednesday, October 20 2021


Choosing an Energy Healer: A Complimentary Guide

Joy delineates discerning questions to be mindful of when choosing an energy healer.

Must register by Wednesday, October 20 2021


Register Now to Receive Early Bird Bonus

Plus Exclusive Course Bonuses

Bonuses Included for All Registrants

A Journey of the Heart

Joy Caffrey shares her compelling journey of opening to her gifts of clairvoyance and healing at an Ozark Research Institute conference in 2000.

(70-minute video recording)

Interview with Steven Kessler 

Steven Kessler has been a licensed psychotherapist for almost 30 years. He has studied many different maps of personality and many healing modalities.

Joy and Steven have both taken their own lens to the energetics of character structure, and share their insights and perspectives.

(A 45-minute video recording)

Turning Point of Awareness

 Deepen your understanding of awareness as separate from thoughts. Joy leads you into a deep relaxation and then offers guidance to track your awareness, offering metaphors along the way. 

(A 20-minute audio guided meditation)

New Additional Bonus

Self and Soul Care Strategies with Christi Daniels

Join us Live! Christi Daniels will share from her well of wisdom and experience as a life coach. She embodies gentle grace and offers tools and strategies to integrate self and soul care into your daily life. This is a dialogue and a Q & A following our week discussing the “pull energy” and mastering self-care.

(Live Zoom 90 min. session,
Date: TBD 
A Recording will be available)


Heart of the Warrior with Katie Williamson

Katie Williamson will share how to develop a heart of a warrior and live courageously. Focusing on releasing fears, grounding yourself in new beliefs, discovering your purpose, and honoring your soul truths paves the way to experiencing alignment in every area of your life. Katie shares her wisdom and experience with a background in Psychology (BA), Sport Psychology (MA), coaching (Coach for Life ®), and martial arts (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).

(Live Webinar 90 min. session,
Date: TBD
A recording will also be available)


Single Payment


  • 7 weekly live online training session

  • 7 weekly contemplative exercises

  • 7 weekly training packets for each energy pattern

  • 7 weekly playful practices related to the course material

  • Access to the weekly live online training video recordings

  • You will be a member of a loving interactive community

+ PLUS all the Special Bonus content!


3 Payments


  • 7 weekly live online training session

  • 7 weekly contemplative exercises

  • 7 weekly training packets for each energy pattern

  • 7 weekly playful practices related to the course material

  • Access to the weekly live online training video recordings

  • You will be a member of a loving interactive community

+ PLUS all the Special Bonus content!

Terms and Conditions

About Joy Caffrey

Joy Caffrey moves her workshop participants into their own brilliance with ease, humor, and insight. Her audiences, course participants, and community members feel inspired, motivated, empowered, and equipped to fully engage with their personal and professional lives. Joy has lectured and conducted workshops across the country and spoken internationally.

Joy’s clients benefit from her combination of energy medicine, chakra balancing, tonal sounds, life coaching, yoga techniques, reframing, reflective listening, and compassionate presence. Her work has a natural and organic healing component. 

Joy Caffrey completed a two-year energy medicine program in the 1990s. She has been an energy medicine practitioner for over 28 years. She has been certified as a yoga teacher (E-RYT 200). Joy earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design and is an accomplished visual artist. She resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with her husband, Tim Caffrey. They enjoy celebrating life with their three adult children. 

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Bettina Lehovec

"Joy brings deep gifts to her work as a healer and coach. She is nurturing, empathetic, encouraging and brave, modeling through her own process a way of living in the world with her heart wide open. I recommend this work for anyone seeking to grow beyond their status quo. You will be richly rewarded by the learning you do with Joy."

Writer and Intern Minister

Sarah Dollar Dixon

“ At each workshop... Joy's deep inner wisdom and playful guidance into the unconscious have allowed me the safety to look at myself in new and  profound ways.”

Sarah Dollar Dixon
Writing Coach

Lisa Jo Crews

"... Working with Joy has given me the tools I needed to move forward, learning to let go of the past, setting boundaries and standards that better serve the life I deserve. I have made many real changes ... for living a happier, healthier prosperous life. If you are wanting to make changes ... and thought about working with Joy, I say, Go for it."

Lisa Jo Crews
Contemporary Folk Artist